Since 1982, Dr. Katherine Settle-Shontz has had a passion for canine reproduction. As a member of the Society of Theriogenology (the study of animal reproduction), she regularly attends annual meetings and workshops. Dr. Katherine enjoys working with dog breeders through assisted breeding techniques such as insemination.

Our Canine Reproduction Services

  • Canine Semen — collecting, evaluating, freezing, shipping, and storing
  • Dog and Bitch Infertility Problems
  • Insemination — artificial, transcervical and surgical
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis and Management
  • Planned Cesarean Sections

Freezing Canine Semen

We freeze and store semen on dogs from various registries (American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, Field, etc). We encourage owners to make the decision to freeze their dog's semen before he is too old or sick. However, only an evaluation of the semen will tell whether it is worth trying to freeze. The semen is stored on site in large liquid nitrogen tanks called "dewars." To help protect the semen, the collections are split and stored in different dewars.

We Offer Personalized Service

We would love to become involved with your breeding program and enjoy working with both novice and professional dog breeders. We make every effort possible to be available for patients 7-days a week when reproductive procedures cannot wait such as artificial insemination, canine transcervical insemination(TCI), and semen collection for fresh-chilled shipments. Clients are encouraged to call or email in advance (at the beginning of the heat cycle).

Our Spay/Neuter Philosophy

Sanford Animal Hospital supports the policy recommendation of the Society for Theriogenology (Reproduction) and the American College of Theriogenology:

"The American College of Theriogenologists and The Society for Theriogenology believe that companion animals not intended for breeding should be spayed or neutered: however, both organizations believe that the decision to spay or neuter a pet must be made on a case by case basis, and this decision should be made between the pet's owner and its veterinarian, taking into consideration the pet's age, breed, sex, health status, intended use, household environment and temperament. While there are health benefits to spaying and neutering these must be weighed against the health benefits of the sex steroids [hormones produced by testicles and ovaries]."

Puppy Litter at Sanford Animal Hospital

Infinity Canine, LLC

Infinity Canine, owned and operated by Stacey Hathaway, RVT, and Stephanie Parker, RVT, offers semen collection, evaluation, storage and semen shipment both nationally and overseas. Learn more about them here.

Stacey has trained and worked with Dr. Katherine Settle here at Sanford Animal Hospital since 1995. She attended Central Carolina Community College and graduated with an Associate’s degree in Science Veterinary Technology.

Stephanie also graduated from Central Carolina Community College with her Associate’s degree in Science Veterinary Technology. She has been with Infinity Canine from the inception. She breeds and shows Borzois, so she is well versed and has a great understanding of breeders and how important proper breed management is to them.