John Shontz, DVM — Chief of Staff

Dr. John Shontz ("Dr. John"), our Chief of Staff, was raised in a suburb on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio known as Mayfield. What, you've heard that name somewhere before? That's right, the very same town as Beaver Cleaver! His college education began in electrical engineering at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. He figured out pretty quickly that engineering was not for him and transferred to The Ohio State University into the College of Agriculture where he studied Animal Science and Nutrition. He then gained entrance into their College of Veterinary Medicine receiving his degree in 1978. Dr. John candidly admits that the best thing to come out of his years spent in Columbus was meeting Katherine Settle, first a classmate now his wife! Shortly after graduating, they got married and spent a year working in a private practice in the St. Petersburg – Tampa area of Florida.

After realizing that Florida was too hot with too many bugs, Drs. John and Katherine decided to move to Sanford to enter into business with Dr. Katherine's father at Sanford Animal Hospital. Under their guidance, this small country veterinary practice grew and flourished, to the point where a second practice was needed to better serve the entire county. In 1991, a hospital was opened on the west side of town and all large animal services transferred. This practice became All Animals Veterinary Hospital, which is located on Animal Avenue.

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Katherine Settle-Shontz, DVM

Dr. Katherine Settle-Shontz ("Dr. Katherine") began working with her dad at the age of five, helping care for their personal pets as well as those in his animal hospital. She received her Bachelor of Science in Zoology degree from the University of North Carolina. Since North Carolina State was not yet an accredited veterinary school, Dr. Katherine attended and later graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine at The Ohio State University in 1978, where she met her husband. In their early years of practice, she and her husband began their career at a small practice in Florida.

While in Florida, Dr. Katherine became involved with the racing track Greyhounds — she was hooked on this breed at first sight! After her involvement began, she became active in track Greyhound rescue and adoption. When they decided to come home and practice in Sanford, she brought that love and devotion with her, and Sanford Animal Hospital became the first track Greyhound adoption facility in North Carolina. Now, since there are so many facilities who can dedicate their time solely to this cause, Sanford Animal Hospital no longer adopts out Greyhounds.

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Maria Kenny, DVM

Dr. Maria Kenny ("Dr. Maria") is a veterinarian at Sanford Animal Hospital. Dr. Maria hails from Minnesota, where she has worked as a radiation therapist in a radiation oncology clinic until 2000, when she decided that it was not too late to pursue her dream to become a veterinarian. After returning to school, She graduated from the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004.

Dr. Maria enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, but has a special passion for surgery, animal behavior and internal medicine.

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