Improve Your Pet's Health by Enrolling Them in Our Pet Weight Loss Program

November 25, 2019

We are excited to announce a fun opportunity at Sanford Animal Hospital for 2020!

We are partnering with Royal Canin to perform a “Biggest Loser” Weight Loss Challenge for our pets.

The goals of this study are to help improve the quality of life and potentially even the lifespan of our 4-legged companions. This will be a small but worthy time commitment on your part. There will be fabulous prizes for all pets that enroll and meet their weight goals.

Below are the lists of criteria that every pet enrolled in the study will have to perform in order to be eligible for the rewards and prizes associated with meeting weight loss goals.

  • Enrollment exam ($15) - quick office visit to weigh your pet, to discuss current diet and recommendations for weight loss, to set goals, and take photos/measurements etc. At this visit, it may be recommended to switch your pet to a diet food
  • Monthly weight checks and quick check in with the doctor to ensure we are on the right track until weight loss goals are met. At this visit, it may be recommended to switch your pet to a diet food and/or perform some lab work to ensure there isn’t an underlying health reason contributing to your pet’s weight.

After 3 months, we will determine the biggest loser, and this pet will receive a prize that is still to be determined.

All dogs that meet their weight loss goals will receive prizes as well!

If weight loss goals are not met within the 3 month period, we will extend the challenge for another three months for pets that still need additional weight loss.

All enrolled pets will get discounted office visits associated with the study, free weight loss treats and other prizes along the way.

If you are willing to commit to your pets health (and get some fun prizes along the way) in 2020, please contact the clinic to enroll your pet.

We look forward to helping all of our pets lose weight and maintain a healthier life style!